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Happy and Healthy
I am 11 pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of January, and am thus the lightest I've been since somewhere around Grade 11.

I'm celebrating by shamelessly lying around in my underwear (only in my room, of course).

The best is not "OMG skinniness" but rather that I feel healthy, and happy, and am likely in the best shape I've been in since the end of high school.

...plus, my rather tight shirt and new jeans (one size smaller than usual!) definitely drew glances from a certain someone last night. I of course have no insight into whether there was any meaning to such glances or whether the accompanying thoughts were positive or negative, but there were definitely glances. Jaclyn will back me up on that.

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YAY for feeling happy!
Congratz! *huggles*

I bet a certain someone was thinking positive thoughts ^^

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