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October is fantacular.
Funny, I just remembered that I had, for several months, broken my fanfiction addiction. I had forgotten this.

Because now? I'm up to my eyeballs in the stuff, and have been for a while now. Hell, I even started writing a fic for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles a couple months ago (although let us never speak of this half-written fic again).

Funny how October hits hard like this every single year. It's like "OMG SCHOOL STRESS" and I solve it with TV.

Escapism is truly, truly, truly my stress relief tool.

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Oh, fandom. I once tried to quit for an entire month and I am pretty sure I didn't last for the whole thing. It got pretty ugly. It's kind of weird to think that one of the most constant things in my life over the last ten years has been fandom. :P

I just got done a Week of Hell and in response, on Friday I woke up, rolled out of bed, and spent the next fourteen hours curled up in a recliner with my laptop, watching TV. I only moved to get food and use the bathroom.

And speaking of escapism! Have you seen the pilot episode of "White Collar" that's been floating around? I saw it yesterday and it was AWESOME.

Matthew Bomer! I will definitely be checking that out ASAP. It sounds mildly "Catch Me If You Can" -ish. Which is good!

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