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Gummi Explosion!
Ebaumsworld. First they brought you Diet Coke and Mentos. Now this.

Pretty cool.

And, while I'm posting random YouTube videos...

Patrick Stewart, you will never cease to be awesome.

Also, did you know that every celebrity in existence ever has been on Sesame Street? Trufax.

My favourites include Andrea Bocelli, Johnny Cash, and Neil Patrick Harris. Also, Jack Black talking about Octogons is pretty good too.

The funny thing is, I actually remember Patrick Stewart's "B or not a B" from my childhood. I just didn't realize how awesome it was at the time.

ETA: Wikipedia, you are so useful.

ETA again: Okay, you really have to watch at least some of this: Smokey Robinson gets molested by the letter "U" while singing "U Really Got a Hold On Me"

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I just had a heart attack and pissed myself and orgasmed all at the same time. Due to laughter and amusement. NOW I UNDERSTAND.

Do you realize that I STUDIED Patrick Stewart doing Shakespeare at Grant Mac?? We watched his and Ian McKellen's Shakespeare videos and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HEART ATTACK OF LAUGHTER.


*fans self*

Also, I LOVE Neil Patrick Harris as the shoe fairy. So damn good.

There is just something so powerful and compelling about Patrick Stewart (and Ian McKellen as well). He just has this PRESENCE and a way of being totally serious and yet completely hilarious. I really don't think I've seen him in that much stuff... and yet he's just one of those actors that you just KNOW.

Mind you, I actually did watch a fair amount of TNG as a kid. More than the original Star Trek, I would say. Mostly because as a kid, I hated any show that looked old.

That, and he was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights as well, lol. Which I watched religiously.

And X-Men!

Oh Patrick Stewart. <3

Yes! I watched him in The Next Generation...and you know, it makes sense that they hire actors with Shakespearean experience for science fiction stuff like that, especially Star Trek. It's still a type of heightened language, with their terms and the way they speak. If you listen closely. :)

Now I'm looking up all the celebrities on Sesame Street. LOVE Sesame Street! Backstreet Boys, bahahaha!

(They have nice harmonies in the song they sing!)

Oh man, and speaking of TALENT....jazz much?

Cab Calloway does his CLASSIC song...


And if you wanna see an effed up Cab Calloway Betty Boop song...go to about 4 30 in this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po9MAIgBZ10


AND IF YOU DON`T WATCH CAB CALLOWAY...watch this ABC songs!! I love Ellen Degeneres!! And Ray Charles!!


Ahaha, I had seen the ABC song earlier, lol. I also love Ellen, I appreciate her positive sense of humour. She doesn't apply crudeness and vulgarity, she is just funny.

Also, yes, that Betty Boop song was indeed effed up. Who knew that Betty Boop likely suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her father?

Yay, Backstreet Boys! I am quite tempted to go listen to their CDs now, hee hee. I always liked them because they were actually talented singers, and had quite nice songs. Yay!

That also led to me watching the *NSync Sesame Street, which led to watching their a capella "O Holy Night." It's interesting to me, because once again, they are really just singers. Other than that, they mostly look like regular guys. They're not these super-fit, super-hot sculptures of masculinity and celebrity image. They're just guys who sing. Interesting. It seems to me like there's been even more of a social shift towards sex/image-based themes in popular culture lately. You get people like Katy Perry who really are not good singers, but gain status somehow.

Again, that's why I really quite like Lady Gaga. Yes, she's pretty sexed up and still fits that segment of current pop culture... but she's still quite talented. Plus, I don't see her sexed-up-ness as so much objectifying as it is "Hey, I am me, and I like sex, and I'm strong and will do things my way whether you like it or not." You know?

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